PortForward v1alpha1

apiVersion: tilt.dev/v1alpha1

import "github.com/tilt-dev/tilt/pkg/apis/core/v1alpha1"




PortForwardSpec defines the desired state of PortForward

  • forwards ([]Forward), required

    One or more port forwards to execute on the given pod. Required.

    Forward defines a port forward to execute on a given pod.

    • forwards.containerPort (int32), required

      The port on the Kubernetes pod to connect to. Required.

    • forwards.host (string)

      Optional host to bind to on the current machine (localhost by default)

    • forwards.localPort (int32)

      The port to expose on the current machine.

      If not specified (or 0), a random free port will be chosen and can be discovered via the status once established.

    • forwards.name (string)

      Name to identify this port forward.

    • forwards.path (string)

      Path to include as part of generated links for port forward.

  • podName (string), required

    The name of the pod to port forward to/from. Required.

  • namespace (string)

    The namespace of the pod to port forward to/from. Defaults to the kubecontext default namespace.


PortForwardStatus defines the observed state of PortForward

  • forwardStatuses ([]ForwardStatus)


    • forwardStatuses.addresses ([]string), required

      Addresses that the forwarder is bound to.

      For example, a localhost host will bind to and [::1].

    • forwardStatuses.containerPort (int32), required

      ContainerPort is the port in the container being forwarded.

    • forwardStatuses.localPort (int32), required

      LocalPort is the port bound to on the system running Tilt.

    • forwardStatuses.error (string)

      Error is a human-readable description if a problem was encountered while initializing the forward.

    • forwardStatuses.startedAt (MicroTime)

      StartedAt is the time at which the forward was initiated.

      If the forwarder is not running yet, this will be zero/empty.

      MicroTime is version of Time with microsecond level precision.



  • apiVersion: tilt.dev/v1alpha1

  • kind: PortForwardList

  • metadata (ListMeta)

  • items ([]PortForward), required