UISession v1alpha1

apiVersion: tilt.dev/v1alpha1

import "github.com/tilt-dev/tilt/pkg/apis/core/v1alpha1"


UISession represents global status data for rendering the web UI.

Treat this as a legacy data structure that’s more intended to make transition easier rather than a robust long-term API.

Per-resource status data should be stored in UIResource.


UISessionSpec is an empty struct. UISession is a kludge for making Tilt’s internal status readable, not for specifying behavior.


UISessionStatus defines the observed state of UISession

  • fatalError (string)

    A FatalError is an error that forces Tilt to stop its control loop. The API server will stay up and continue to serve the UI, but no further builds will happen.

  • featureFlags ([]UIFeatureFlag)

    FeatureFlags reports a list of experimental features that have been enabled.

    *Configures Tilt to enable non-default features (e.g., experimental or deprecated).

    The Tilt features controlled by this are generally in an unfinished state, and not yet documented.

    As a Tilt user, you don’t need to worry about this unless something else directs you to (e.g., an experimental feature doc, or a conversation with a Tilt contributor).*

    • featureFlags.name (string)

      The name of the flag.

    • featureFlags.value (boolean)

      The value of the flag.

  • needsAnalyticsNudge (boolean)

    NeedsAnalyticsNudge reports whether the UI hasn’t opted in or out of analytics, and the UI should nudge them to do so.

  • runningTiltBuild (TiltBuild)

    RunningTiltBuild reports the currently running version of tilt that this UI is talking to.

    Information about the running tilt binary.

    • runningTiltBuild.commitSHA (string)

      The Git digest of the commit this binary was built at.

    • runningTiltBuild.date (string)

      A human-readable string representing when the binary was built.

    • runningTiltBuild.dev (boolean)

      Indicates whether this is a development build (true) or an official release (false).

    • runningTiltBuild.version (string)

      A semantic version string.

  • suggestedTiltVersion (string)

    SuggestedTiltVersion tells the UI the recommended version for this user. If the version is different than what’s running, the UI may display a prompt to upgrade.

  • tiltCloudSchemeHost (string)

    TiltCloudSchemeHost reports the base URL of the Tilt Cloud instance associated with this Tilt process. Usually https://cloud.tilt.dev

  • tiltCloudTeamID (string)

    TiltCloudTeamID reports the unique team id if the user is signed into TiltCloud and the Tiltfile declares a team.

  • tiltCloudTeamName (string)

    TiltCloudUsername reports the human-readable team name if the user is signed into TiltCloud and the Tiltfile declares a team.

  • tiltCloudUsername (string)

    TiltCloudUsername reports the username if the user is signed into TiltCloud.

  • tiltStartTime (Time)

    The time that this instance of tilt started. Clients can use this to determine if the API server has restarted and all the objects need to be refreshed.

    Time is a wrapper around time.Time which supports correct marshaling to YAML and JSON. Wrappers are provided for many of the factory methods that the time package offers.

  • tiltfileKey (string)

    An identifier for the Tiltfile that is running. Clients can use this to store data associated with a particular project in LocalStorage or other persistent storage.

  • versionSettings (VersionSettings)

    VersionSettings indicates whether version updates have been enabled/disabled from the Tiltfile.

    Information about how the Tilt binary handles updates.

    • versionSettings.checkUpdates (boolean)

      Whether version updates have been enabled/disabled from the Tiltfile.



  • apiVersion: tilt.dev/v1alpha1

  • kind: UISessionList

  • metadata (ListMeta)

  • items ([]UISession), required