CmdImage v1alpha1


import ""


CmdImage describes an image to build with an arbitrary shell command.


CmdImageSpec describes how the custom script builds images and where it puts them.

  • ref (string), required

    The named reference of the image.

  • args ([]string)

    Command-line arguments. Must have length at least 1.

  • cluster (string)

    The name of the cluster we’re building for.

    We’ll use the cluster to determine the architecture of the image to build, and the registry to build it for.

    If no cluster is specified, assumes the default cluster.

  • clusterNeeds (string)

    Whether the cluster needs access to the image.

    If not specified, assumes we have to push up to the cluster.

  • dir (string)

    Process working directory.

    If the working directory is not specified, the command is run in the default Tilt working directory.

  • imageMaps ([]string)

    Names of image maps that this build depends on.

    The controller will watch all the image maps, and rebuild the image if any of the maps resolve to a new image.

  • outputMode (string)

    Specifies where the image is built. If not specified, we assume the image was built to the local Docker image store.

  • outputTag (string)

    Tag we expect the image to be built with (we use this to check that the expected image+tag has been created).

    If empty, we create an expected tag at the beginning of CustomBuild (and export $EXPECTED_REF=name:expected_tag )

  • outputsImageRefTo (string)

    Specifies a filepath where the cmd script prints the result image ref.

    Tilt will read it out when we’re done to find the image.


CmdImageStatus describes the result of the image build.

  • building (CmdImageStateBuilding)

    Details about a building image.

    CmdImageStateBuilding expresses that an image build is in-progress.

    • building.reason (string)

      The reason why the image is building.

    • building.startedAt (MicroTime)

      Time when the build started.

      MicroTime is version of Time with microsecond level precision.

  • completed (CmdImageStateCompleted)

    Details about a finished image build.

    CmdImageStateCompleted expresses when the image build is finished and no new images need to be built.

    • completed.error (string)

      Error message if the build failed.

    • completed.finishedAt (MicroTime)

      Time when we finished building an image

      MicroTime is version of Time with microsecond level precision.

    • completed.reason (string)

      The reason why the image was built.

    • completed.startedAt (MicroTime)

      Time when we started building an image.

      MicroTime is version of Time with microsecond level precision.

  • ref (string)

    A fully-qualified image reference of a built image, as seen from the local network.

    Usually includes a name and an immutable tag.

    NB: If we’re building to a particular registry, this may have a different hostname from the Spec Ref field.

  • waiting (CmdImageStateWaiting)

    Details about a waiting image build.

    CmdImageStateWaiting expresses what we’re waiting on to build an image.

    • waiting.reason (string)

      (brief) reason the image build is waiting.



  • apiVersion:

  • kind: CmdImageList

  • metadata (ListMeta)

  • items ([]CmdImage), required