ExtensionRepo v1alpha1

apiVersion: tilt.dev/v1alpha1

import "github.com/tilt-dev/tilt/pkg/apis/core/v1alpha1"


ExtensionRepo specifies a repo or folder where a set of extensions live.


ExtensionRepoSpec defines how to access the repo.

  • url (string), required

    The URL of the repo.

    Allowed: https: URLs that point to a public git repo file: URLs that point to a location on disk.

  • ref (string)

    A reference to sync the repo to. If empty, Tilt will always update the repo to the latest version.


ExtensionRepoStatus defines the observed state of ExtensionRepo

  • checkoutRef (string)

    The reference that we currently have checked out. On git, this is the commit hash. On file repos, this is empty.

  • error (string)

    Contains information about any problems loading the repo.

  • lastFetchedAt (Time)

    The last time the repo was fetched and checked for validity.

    Time is a wrapper around time.Time which supports correct marshaling to YAML and JSON. Wrappers are provided for many of the factory methods that the time package offers.

  • path (string)

    The path to the repo on local disk.



  • apiVersion: tilt.dev/v1alpha1

  • kind: ExtensionRepoList

  • metadata (ListMeta)

  • items ([]ExtensionRepo), required