CmdImage v1alpha1


import ""


CmdImage describes an image to build with an arbitrary shell command.


CmdImageSpec describes how the custom script builds images and where it puts them.

  • ref (string), required

    The named reference of the image.

  • args ([]string)

    Command-line arguments. Must have length at least 1.

  • dir (string)

    Process working directory.

    If the working directory is not specified, the command is run in the default Tilt working directory.

  • imageMaps ([]string)

    Names of image maps that this build depends on.

    The controller will watch all the image maps, and rebuild the image if any of the maps resolve to a new image.

  • outputMode (string)

    Specifies where the image is built. If not specified, we assume the image was built to the local Docker image store.

  • outputTag (string)

    Tag we expect the image to be built with (we use this to check that the expected image+tag has been created).

    If empty, we create an expected tag at the beginning of CustomBuild (and export $EXPECTED_REF=name:expected_tag )

  • outputsImageRefTo (string)

    Specifies a filepath where the cmd script prints the result image ref.

    Tilt will read it out when we’re done to find the image.


CmdImageStatus describes the result of the image build.

  • building (CmdImageStateBuilding)

    Details about a building image.

    CmdImageStateBuilding expresses that an image build is in-progress.

    • building.reason (string)

      The reason why the image is building.

    • building.startedAt (MicroTime)

      Time when the build started.

      MicroTime is version of Time with microsecond level precision.

  • completed (CmdImageStateCompleted)

    Details about a finished image build.

    CmdImageStateCompleted expresses when the image build is finished and no new images need to be built.

    • completed.error (string)

      Error message if the build failed.

    • completed.finishedAt (MicroTime)

      Time when we finished building an image

      MicroTime is version of Time with microsecond level precision.

    • completed.reason (string)

      The reason why the image was built.

    • completed.startedAt (MicroTime)

      Time when we started building an image.

      MicroTime is version of Time with microsecond level precision.

  • ref (string)

    A fully-qualified image reference of a built image, as seen from the local network.

    Usually includes a name and an immutable tag.

    NB: If we’re building to a particular registry, this may have a different hostname from the Spec Ref field.

  • waiting (CmdImageStateWaiting)

    Details about a waiting image build.

    CmdImageStateWaiting expresses what we’re waiting on to build an image.

    • waiting.reason (string)

      (brief) reason the image build is waiting.



  • apiVersion:

  • kind: CmdImageList

  • metadata (ListMeta)

  • items ([]CmdImage), required